Increase franchises profitability. Show whole network sales and inventory to owner in real time.

You can’t get prompt feedback from your franchisees?

All you need always at hand

We aggregated everything necessary for handy trading management in one place.
Build your own retail chain, manage and always keep the track of events from any device, from around the world.

  • Whole retail chain sales statistics in real time
  • Warehouses and products management
  • Fast staff registration
  • Handy goods ordering
  • E-document flow
  • Third party systems integration
  • Internet-franchising
  • Customizable bonus referral loyalty program for customers accounting
Got tired of tedious tables and odd reports?

Your franchising can look like this:

Franchisee onboarding in 15 minutes

Seller onboarding in 5 minutes

Selling spots stacktaking faster by 63%

Data for employee engagement

Reducing the cost of chain maintenance

Warehouse space optimization by 15%

Sales revenue increasing by 12%

Goods assortment management

*indicators were calculated based on anonymized data of registered franchising companies

"Your franchisees love to sell your products, but they hate to prepare revenue and sales reports.
Release them from this burden, and your business will become more profitable! Focus on what is really important, Fraisys will cope with the routine!"

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Franchising company managers.

Franchisee, who values his time and time of employees.

Businessmen, who are creating their own franchise.

You will significantly reduce the cost for data obtaining and processing.

You will be able to manage your production orders and warehouse stock balance more efficiently, based on not only your shipments, but also on your chain retail sales statistics. Thus, you will able to improve ROI and promptly track sales of new products.

Fast involving and easy use will significantly reduce the cost of opening new stores, that will make your franchising more attractive to potential franchisees.

Thanks to the Internet-franchising, you will be able to connect franchisee’s selling spots sales located in different regions with your e-commerce website and thus increase the turnover of franchisees.

But if you are just starting to develop your franchising, Fraisys will become a new proven business standard for you that will also save you from many mistakes in preparing a franchising offer and will allow you to justify taking royalties from franchisees.

In a nutshell, you will be able to see: what was sold, by whom it was sold, when it was sold, how much goods were sold, how much was paid, what payment method was used, in what selling spots or warehouses you can find similar product and much, much more in a form convenient for you!

Franchisees saves on buying cash register equipment for selling spot – Fraisys mobile app performs all cash register functions, speeds up and simplifies stocktaking process.

All the stock-list and prices loads automatically. No need to set them manually!

Handy ordering and stock balance management allows you to order the right products in time, which generally raises your sales by 15% or more.

Time to equip a selling spot is equal to the time of mobile app downloading from GooglePlay.

Learning how to work with Fraisys both for the franchisee and for the seller is intuitive and doesn’t require a lot of time.

Franchisee can quickly and reasonably calculate the financial motivation of employees based on sales of each seller.

Franchisee doesn’t need to send any reports!!! You can see all his business!

Thus, Fraisys releases about 40% of the franchisee's working time, which he can invest in his business development and working with staff.

Fraisys works since April 2014.

Initially, it was created to manage franchising chain, consisting of more than 70 stores of toys and gifts located in 8 time zones and 4 counties.

Effective and consistent working along with staff and franchisees made it possible to develop simple and efficient franchising management tool.

After confirming the system effectiveness and profitableness in practice, we decided to develop it as a Software as a Service (SaaS) for other franchising companies.

At the moment, Fraisys covers over 230 selling spots of different brands, and this number is actively growing.

It is beautiful! :))

Each product has its photo and description, that minimizes mistakes when ordering and selling.

We taught Fraisys to work with different time zones.

We made statistics clear and pleasant for perception. Perhaps sales statistics have never been so cute! ;)

We optimized user personal account usability and managed to make that working with Fraisys brings not only a practical result, but also aesthetic pleasure!

We provide Fraisys as a SaaS based on a monthly subscription.

You get integration with your warehouse system for free.

You get the first month free for testing purpose.

Attention! We make a contract only with the administration companies (with the franchisers – owners of franchising), because Fraisys is an integrated solution. The cost of subscription depends only on the selling spots amount. Subscription has no extra limits on sellers, transactions, etc.

We can talk in details about the cost, special offers and discounts are possible, after having an acquaintance meeting.

To join Fraisys you need to do just 4 steps:

1. Contact us to get a presentation and demo account access.

2. Make a contract with us.

3. Integrate Fraisys ordering module with your warehouse (we will do it).

4. To gather your franchisees for a webinar, where we will clearly show how to start working.

After that, you can efficiently work with Fraisys.